Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 15

The semester came on strong.  The fact is, that it isn’t just one class you need to get the swing of but some 5 or 6 or 7.  Five classes is what I had to deal with and the toughest part is the beginning and the end.   Off to a rocky start, with the class, I  had the little snag which I began working off another English class.  Working together, we got everything all tweaked and as they say, no harm no foul.  Back on track and doing the right class it was like learning to swim by jumping into the deep end.  With our first writing being your strengths and weakness’s, I knew I was not a strong writer but have the makings of.
I never told any people this but when I was in elementary school I was in the middle of quite a little book.  I was up to around seventy pages and it was a fiction book about fantasy dungeon and dragon style world.  I was so into the book and the only one who knew was my parents.  They really cheered me on to write it and was so proud of me.  I lost the book.  I was so upset and tried re-writing it with what I remembered but couldn’t do it.  It wasn’t the same.  I wish I could find that book and continue it.  I really enjoyed it.  Every time I would start writing it I would be almost living the story.  It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment.  That would be my dream to find that book and finish it.
With the class pretty much over I became a much stronger writer I believe.  I have another English class I am taking along with this one and it was a teacher I have previously had.  No names but she is tough, Lesley Gillis (cough).  She is great and really makes you work but is completely fair. Between both of you great teachers, I have overcome a lot of writing fears.  I will always remember the comment you made to me which, can work for me or against me, was the fact I start writing before I have an idea of where I am ultimately going with the work.  With Lesley, she always tells me its not what I say, it’s how I say it.  In other words, don’t be fancy with wording just get my ideas across clearly.  I think those are the two hardships which I need to over come to really be where I want to be as a writer.  As I said in the beginning of the class, I wish I had a vast word base.  My words are basic words and I don’t really know fancy big words.  It makes me feel like I am lacking or stupider then other classmates.
I had great experiences in this class.  I told stories which could make me look like a bad person but I am really not.  I have done things, as others have to, in which I regret but I can’t turn back the clock. I liked the idea how the class was true life personal stories.  It brought up a lot of memories or things I haven’t touched on.  It was a little different then other English classes where it was more, read something and analyze it.  I like free writing but sometimes life experience all can go so far.  I love doing more non-fiction writing.  Through out the course I had trouble getting all the writing done due to time.  I am not a kid out of high school.  I am a thirty year old married man with two kids, a job, and other things going on.  I dug my heels in and got the most I could out of the class.  Thanks.
The class is a great class and you shouldn’t change a thing.  You are a great teacher and writer who is very forgiving and helpful which I think all teachers should take after.  You should be able to expect more out of a college student but also all college students are kids out of high school whose mommies pay for their school, car, living expenses and everything else.  A lot of college students don’t have the time which is needed so I think it’s a great thing when there is teachers such as you whom work with and not against the student.  I appreciate all the positive and negative feedback from the class. If you have any finally thing to tell me to help me grow more as a writer or any feedback please tell me.  Good or bad it all goes to the cause.  The cause, meaning, me as a writer.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 14

Everyone has a drug probably to one point or another. A drug problem isn’t just the stereotypical crack, heroin and other hard core drugs.  A drug problem can be a dependency on any man made substance.  It can be the older person to taking the Bayer low dose to a child taking a daily Flintstone vitamin which we all have taken at some point in time in our lives.  The yummy little vitamins we all can eat like candy flies under the radar as being a drug addict.  Everyone has one of these people in your family or is one themselves.
A hundred years ago or even less you would never see people taking vitamins just to live.  It really isn’t necessary.  How come people decided all of a sudden people need to take a aspirin or a vitamin or something else?   Some people with heart burn have pocket full’s of pills.  Instead of just relaxing for a day or two they are sipping some day quill.   How could we have gotten to this point in our lives to rely so greatly on medicine.  Our body can care for itself.  We do or did at one point in time had immune systems.
People want to live forever but is it safe for themselves to take on a drug habit to survive.  It does allow people to live long and more healthy lives but what about the environment.  Soon, scientist will create a way to lengthen our life to an extreme.   With more people in the world then in anytime in history.  This means our mother Earth is being destroyed at an alarming rate.  How and where is all our water coming from.  How and where is our food going to come from?  Better yet, where is our garbage going to go?  It boggles the mind thinking of.
Something needs to happen in order to live this long drugged up lives.  Soon other disturbing things will happen.  Humans evolve and soon we will evolve into having  no immune system due to the medicine will replace it.  It is a crazy thought to think we may soon have no immune system due to the fact we are a medicine dependant animal.  Hopefully we all find some kind of happy medium for our children’s sake.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 14

Another year has gone by and everyone knows what time of year it is.  This time of year was Christmas and to many it can be a dream come true.  The smiles that it can put upon someone’s face can be an incredible feat of happiness.  Everyone can appreciate the feeling they get when Santa Claus comes to town, most everyone anyways.   This year was like any other for a young boy named Nicco.  Three years young, he really didn’t have many expectations or really know what to expect.  With great parents as he had, he knew something great was to happen.  He was told about this fictitious man in red dropping off presents to everybody’s house.  How could it be.  Well, it is.   Nicco’s house was just another stop and he was sure to get presents because of what a great kid he was.  The build up of Christmas is just as big as the actual day.  Nicco and his cousins actually getting together as families should.  Singing songs, decorating the tree, presents, and of course the winter weather which includes snowman and sledding.  As Christmas Eve was slipping by, Nicco prepared the night with by putting out cookies and milk.  He was so excited to see if Santa would really eat them.  He also left a carrot out for the reindeer.  As he fell quickly to sleep he possibly dreamed of many toys.  The next day arrived quickly and his eyes fluttered awake as he pounced on his parents.  The woke quickly to say in that high pitch excited voice, “Merry Christmas Nicco, I love you so much.”  They all gathered in the living room to what was to be a great day of family, presents, and playing.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Top ten things that you must be aware of when you have a child:

1.)  While You Sleep:  You are most vulnerable while you are sleeping.  Never trust a child.  They can be so mischievous.  Children are never tired and as adults, sorry, you will be tired. You are not four no more. While you sleep they have the whole run of the house.  Put all snacks away, including chips, candy, and other kinds of junk food.  If they are missing in the morning do not I repeat do not blame the dog.

2.)  A Moment of Silence:  This may not be listed as rule of thumb one but is the number one thing.  As a parent you should expect NO silence ever.  If you ever hear absolutely nothing.  Run, duck, hide, take cover, and get ready for the worse.  Children are never quite so if they become silent you know something is about to go down.

3.)  The Bathroom:  The bathroom is a battlefield with an endless supply of weapons and ammunition.  Anything is the bathroom is fair game for a child.  Toilet paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and other items like dental floss.  Toilet paper is an especially useful weapon for children.  It can be used to plug a toilet or run ribbon through the house.

4.)  Litter Box:  The litter box can have multiple purposes such as a cat box/sand box.

5.)  Keys:  We all know keys jingle like little bells.  It also has buttons which make your truck or car alarm go off.  What child wouldn’t want to rattle those keys around and just plain and simply fuck with you.  They seem to always go for the red alarm button.  Horn honking and lights flashing and your heart pounding from being scared.  Keys can double as a object for children to hide.

6.)  Sippy Cups:  Sippy cups are a must.  Open top cups can often be spilled and will be spilled.  Even if they are eight, nine, or ten give them a sippy cup.

7.)  Mud Puddles:  Puddles are a inviting hole of water and mud.  If he/she is dressed in their best outfit for school watch them closer then close.  The are and will make it into that puddle on way or another.  Carry them if possible.

8.)  Bed Time:  This can be the toughest time of the day.  They never want to go to bed.  No matter how tired they are they just wont quit.  They will fight you the whole way.  Expect them to get up at least one or twice.  Be prepared for water or with the toy they previously had.  For some reason they will want one or the other.,

9.)  Toys on the Floor:  This can really put a man to his knees.  Stepping on that sharp edged toy.  It hurts like no other and will get a swear out of you whether you swear or not.

10.)  Cuddles:  Take the cuddles while you can.  As they age cuddles will grow to be extinct.  Take advantage of any chances of them cuddling or loving you.  When they get to old you mine as well forget about it.

The Game of Life.

He awoke on a daily basis to be the father people could only dream about having.  A hard worker and someone that everyone looked up to, especially his own daughter.  The man was a rather big dude in his prime.  Six foot two and two hundred fifty pounds.  The weight was muscle weight and not that chubby beer belly type of weight.  The funniest part about him is that he wore bandannas just like Hulk Hogan did in the eighties which made him look identical to Hogan, as well.  Children in the school would come out and ask his daughter if her dad was a professional wrestler.  She would giggle and become embarrassed.  He would egg all the children on by dressing in parachute pants, bandana and a ripped shirt like Hogan and show up to pick his daughter up.  The children loved it.  Any reaction of smiles really got him off.
He always talks about how the smile on children’s faces made his day as much as it made theirs.  That is a inspiring way to look at life.  Always putting someone else first to an extent.  You always get what you put in and he put in a lot and in return had a lot.  At that point in time in his life he had a great wife, a wonderful daughter, and nice things including house, job, and vehicles.  Good things come to people who wait and he waited long enough.  He struggled his whole life and worked hard and his dues had finally been paid.  Life was on the up and up.  It is the little things in life which make the greatest impact and he took advantage of that saying.
His daughter came home from school one day and was incredibly embarrassed.  As all the kids peered out the small little rectangle windows of the bus and looked into the front yard they couldn’t believe their eyes.  The lawn had been cut in a special way for his daughter.  He mowed a large heart with her initials mowed in it.  He knew all his daughters friends and all the kids on the bus would talk about how cool he was and elders would think he loved his daughter to the max.  He got his point across to his now embarrassed daughter.  Most children would be spoiled to have these things happen.  To be shown love.
His entire life came crumbling down almost instantly.  It started with the loss of his job.  He had no problem finding another but nor making the same kind of money.  Something had to give and something’s went unpaid.  The worse thing is that he let go of more then he should.  Two weeks before they were having their house foreclosed on, his wife found out through the paper and not from him.  He was losing it all.  His wife and daughter moved out, he lost his house, one of the cars, and everything in the house;  This was all in the matter of a month or two.  It doesn’t take long to lose everything but it takes so long to get things.
The point of this story is that good things come to good people.  You get what you put in.  Is there something everyone didn’t know that explains what happened.  Until this day no one knows.  We all ask repeatedly but get the same answer.  A shrug and a tear.  It doesn’t matter how big you are or how great of a parent you are it only takes one mistake to lose your entire life without losing your life. Life can throw curve balls at anytime and no matter how prepared you are for them you just never know which curve they may make.  Every curve ball is different and you cannot prepare for them all.  Just do your best in life and make every moment count.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

week 13 my precious box

I could be considered a hoarder but I don’t think I am.  I always save many trinkets and others little memory artifacts for my pleasure.  I have a hard time letting go of the past.  Missing my childhood and never wanting to grow up is just part of my issues.  I like to hear songs from my past, game systems, and other reminders from my childhood.  The eighties were great and we all know that.  Hair bands and Nintendo what more does anyone need.  It is funny because as I go through boxes in my closet which I have no remembrance what fills these boxes.
I saved everything in my cardboard drawer.  My blue cast was right on top and I almost didn’t even dare to touch this.  This cast had impressionable writings on it from eighth grade friends.  I could barely read some of the words on it where they have been so weathered.  The cast was full of love letters from my middle school years and notes which buddies wrote back and forth to me.
It was funny to see these letters and this cast.  Such simple things that brought up hurtful memories from my this time in my life.  I keep around this box full precious materials to remember certain situations of my past.  To other people in this world these box full of my precious memories would mean nothing.  As time goes by these trinkets will always be here to remind me. Who would have any meaning for this dirty old cast full of notes from my broken ankle I had in the eighth grade.
As I dug threw this box some more I found other neat little life reminders.  A rock collection from my Dad, a coin collection which I received many of them from different family members, and even something as stupid as a ring I found at Echo Beach.  I keep it all and it is so “I” can look back.  Then it hit me.  A shimmering in the corner of my eye.  I knew what it was instantly but tried to ignore this part of my life due to the immense emotion it had brought on.
My grandfathers cuff links is was this shimmering was.  Why it was so dear to me was the fact he had passed away.  He was a great guy and meant a lot to many people but he had a special meaning to me.  These cuff links were more then just cuff links.  They told a story of his life.  They told a story of his struggle with cancer which he over came multiple times only to trip over his oxygen line and hit his head and pass away before his time.  These cuff links had meaning to all that seen them but they had there own special meaning to me.  That is why they were in my box of special items which I will remain saving through out my life and time.

week 13 I wanted and lost

I don’t know how it all came about but it happened.  The cats were here and that is all that mattered to me.  Me and my future wife lived in this small little house in which we rented.  Being on a main road you would think that we would hear all the traffic passing by but we couldn’t.  We enjoyed that a lot.  What we enjoyed most was the company of the many people that stopped in to see us.  I enjoyed all the company.  Different friends and relatives all the time and even sometimes I wouldn’t even like them but I enjoyed their company still.  For the want of company I got it whether it was good or not.
You had to pick and choose your battles and that was one of them.  On person whom came by on the regular was my girls uncle.  He was an older fellow but he took a great liking to me.  Gay as could be he was but I made sure first thing their was no misunderstanding.  He appreciated me being honest as everyone does and we hit it off.  He was a prior chef who worked at many famous restaurants around the country and use to make me things all the time.  Hopefully his potentially want for me was never an issue between us because we had a great friendship.
My birthday rolled around and I received no presents or even a call from all my so called friends.  I never wasted my time caring and that’s how I grew to choose.  Everyone seemed to want something from me and I blew their wants off.  I knew how they really all were.  People show their true colors eventually and it was a way for me to know how they are.  Her uncle though, got me two great gifts and a cake.  The cake was not an original cake it was a whoopee pie cake.  He knew me well.  The presents were great it was camping gear and I loved camping.  He knew what I wanted.
Was this all because of his sexual preference.  Not at all but most would insist it was. He was just a nice guy and he loved his niece.  I took great care of her and he knew it.  I received this call from a friend of both me and her uncles.  It was disappointing.  I knew he was diabetic and he went into a diabetic shock.  The one man that cared for us was having health issues beyond my control.  I felt helpless and I looked for a way out of this mess but all I got was a seat in the waiting room.  The things you always want and care about always seem to turn into something else.
He was dead by this time.  He lost his battle which he had won for years.  I always seem to lose the things that are most dear to me. He was one of them.  I only knew him for about 3 years but that was long enough to know he was a great guy.  Bad things always happen to good people and this was another prime example of this.  From this simple want of a great friend the friend was lost.  I had all kinds of emotions running through me like was it my fault, I asked him for a cake (did he eat it while making it, and other questions kind of blaming myself but the simple fact was it was his time.